Scotty Cameron introduces new Phantom X putter family

Scotty Cameron introduces new Phantom X putter family

Scotty Cameron never rests. He's always looking for ways to re-engineer putting, making new shapes, new combinations and using new material balances to build more options for golfers.

With the Phantom X line, Cameron is introducing a series of nine modern mallets that are derived from five new, smaller-profile heads and combined with different shaft bends, flanges and visual alignment markers.

Each head is made with a 303 stainless steel body and a milled 6061 aluminum face-sole insert (which runs down into the flange) with vibration dampening technology. Cameron calls it his "most high-tech putter line" to date, with more compact shaping than the Futura line, with angles going away from the player to create the impression of a bigger head and for better weight distribution.

There are three shaft options – low-bend, mid-bend and straight – in the Phantom X line, so players can figure out their idea toe hang/flow. In the nomenclature, Phantom X models with “.5” in the name have a shorter, low-bend shaft configuration with one shaft of offset for more toe flowe. The Phantom X 5, 6, 7, 8 and 12 models have a slightly taller, mid-bend shaft for a setup that's nearly face-balanced that produces less toe flow than the .5 models. The Phantom X 6STR has a straight shaft with zero offset.

The Phantom X line also sports a new Pistolero Plus grip, which is a modified Pistolero grip with a thicker, less-tapered low hand position.

The Scotty Cameron Phantom X putters will be available April 12, 2019 for $429 each.

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