Winter is no match for the right simulator
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Winter is no match for the right simulator

For much of the country, golf season is over– which means most golfers are putting their clubs away and their games in hibernation for the next several months.

But it doesn't have to be that way.

Thanks to some incredible technology, today’s players can enjoy a true-to-life round of golf in the comfort of their own home, year-round, and much faster than they could outside. Also, they can get in a full range session without the threat of that nasty winter weather.

Golf simulator technology has advanced dramatically in recent years, bringing true-to-life virtual editions of the world's most famous courses straight into golfers' homes. But it doesn’t stop there. They now have access to world-class technology that can tell them exactly what (and how) they're doing from the takeaway to impact.

A leader in the game

You probably know Foresight Sports as a leader in the “golf launch monitor world,” with their GCQuad serving as the gold standard in the space. The GCQuad's four high-speed, high-resolution cameras measure every swing with unmatched clarity and process that information to deliver a complete, accurate picture of performance.

Foresight Sports’ analytical tools provide amateur and professional golfers, their coaches and teams with the club head and ball data they need to understand their golf swing -- and, if need be, improve it for optimal performance.

Custom performance simulators

However, Foresight Sports launch monitors can be more than an invaluable tool on the range. They can be part of a custom performance simulator that perfectly blends the best virtual golf experience with the best launch monitor available. When combined with Foresight's FSX 2018 simulation software, golfers can experience the world's best courses in stunning 4K ultra high-definition. A true game changer advantage with the industry’s most trusted technology.

The FSX 2018 software not only provides an incredible indoor golf experience, but it also visualizes everything happening in the swing. Analysis tools show fully-illustrated depictions of ball flight and the club head, while comparison tools give golfers and instructors unreal insight. FSX mobile apps make many of these analysis tools available anywhere, ensuring an immersive experience wherever a golfer travels with their Foresight Sports launch monitor.

FSX Live gives golfers the opportunity to save their game sessions in a cloud-based environment, while enabling virtual challenges with fellow FSX Live players around the world.

Even better, the Foresight Sports launch monitor used in your simulator space can easily be taken to the range on those sunny summer days.

Whether installing in a residential or commercial space, in a dedicated room or set up on the fly, Foresight's Performance Simulators can work in virtually any space. If you can safely swing a golf club, you have enough space for a Performance Simulator.

Keep your swing strong this winter

You know you've been thinking about getting a simulator for your home or at the office. Scratch that itch. On Foresight's website, golfers can use their simulator configuration tool to build a virtual rendering of how their space will look. See for yourself how a Foresight Sports Performance Simulator could work in your chosen space.

Then, get in touch with Foresight's experts to learn more and start the process. Before you know it, you'll have a custom, professionally installed golf simulator space you can enjoy with family and friends all year-round.

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