TaylorMade introduces P790 Black irons

TaylorMade introduces P790 Black irons

With product life cycles last longer these days, golf-equipment manufacturers have come up with new ways to put variations and spins on their clubs to entice potential buyers who might not have bought in at the introduction.

One of those spins is putting a new look, treatment or finish on the clubs to appeal to the eye of players looking for something a little different. What has become particularly popular is a murdered-out black finish on irons, giving the blades a sleek, sexy look.

That's what TaylorMade Golf has done in introducing their P790 Black irons. The irons have already been a winner for the company, with a hollow-body construction filled with the company's proprietary SpeedFoam designed to create the ideal acoustics at impact and deliver more energy to the ball at impact for explosive distance. This is one of the clubs that first come to mind when thinking of the somewhat-concocted player's distance iron category. This is a club packed with technology designed to give better players maximum distance and forgiveness, but it's all shrouded in a look that more-discerning player would like: less offset, a blade shape, not as much thickness on the top line or sole. You know.

The P790 also has a 1.75mm face thickness with the company's trademark Inverted Cone Technology, optimized for the slightly smaller profile. ICT is designed to offer higher moment of inertia across the face, protecting ball speeds no matter where on the face the ball is struck. That moment of inertia is placed low and back using metal-injection-molded (MIM) tungsten weighting for precise center of gravity placement.

The black look is a high-gloss version of the popular PVD finish found on a lot of these color-treated heads. It does fade over time, but how much it fades is largely dependent on how often you use them. Matte is typically the treatment given to the black clubs, so this will stand out.

The clubs will be available for pre-order soon through TaylorMade's website, and a set will run $1,600.

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