GolfScope green-reading app helps you make more putts by telling you where to aim
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Golf Scope green-reading app helps you make more putts by telling you where to aim

If you've been hoping someone would finally come up with a green-reading app that would tell you exactly where to aim to make each putt you face on the golf course, then your prayers have been answered.

The green-reading app is called Golf Scope. It's currently only available for Apple iOS devices, and it's designed specifically to work on iPhones. However, that still means tons and tons of golfers can benefit from the app.

The app uses your iPhone's camera to scan the green, namely the space from your ball to the hole. You confirm for Golf Scope where your ball is, and then you confirm where the hole is. From there, Golf Scope takes all the data it has from your input and the camera, and it then uses augmented reality through the app to show you the line of the putt, the topography of the portion of the green it analyzed and, most importantly, where to aim your putt.

It will then even frame the lining up of the ball for you. You can even putt the ball holding the camera, and it'll show you how close you came to hitting the putting line. You can record the putts for future analysis, too.

Generally, most people aren't going to do that. They're going to put down the phone and putt with two hands. Then, Golf Scope asks if you made the putt. You may have if you hit it with the right line and speed, but you likely missed it if you didn't hit either line or speed particularly well.

Over time, the Golf Scope app will keep track of your putting history, returning strokes gained putting data and other information you can use to improve putting.

It's a pretty sweet app to try out for yourself. For most courses amateurs and weekend warriors play, having a green book is pretty impractical if not impossible. Golf Scope can read the greens on the fly and give the golfer a reasonable chance of improving their putting.

The Golf Scope green-reading app is free to download and use for seven days, after which point users need to pay $20 to continue using the full features of the app.

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