Tour Edge to release hollow-body CBX iS Iron-Wood set

Tour Edge to release hollow-body CBX iS Iron-Wood set


Hollow-body irons are kind of all the rage right now in iron design, and Tour Edge is getting in the game with the May 15 release of their Exotics CBX iS Iron-Wood set.

The whole set consists of hollow-body iron-wood clubs, which are Tour Edge's take on the craze sweeping golf -- but they've been a Tour Edge staple for years. All of the irons, including the short irons, have this construction, which is a deviation from the setup of these sets made by other manufacturers.

The idea behind the Exotics CBX iS is to marry the distance and forgiveness of a wood (or a traditional hybrid) with the feel and control of a forged iron set. It's best-of-both-worlds proposition.

The lofting is aggressive, with a 44-degree pitching wedge as an example, but, as with many distance-oriented irons, is done to prevent the ball from launching too high. So distance is the primary name of the game here. But so many discerning players don't want to lose feel with their irons in exchange for more yards, so the forged component is designed to offer the feeling of control instead of holding a bunch of distance sticks in their hands.

The irons sport a forged L-cup face for maximum distance throughout the face, and the hybrid-style sole and beveled leading edge aim to produce turf interaction relief from any lie or condition. The end result is a high moment of inertia for more forgiveness and a lower center of gravity to help get the ball flying higher.

“We were a little ahead of our time with our first hollow-body iron design,” said company president David Glod. “But now we feel we have constructed the best of what’s out there in the hollow iron market with a driving iron-like club that sets up like a blade and delivers power like a metalwood. The biggest difference over designs of the past is that you can control this club very easily.”

The utility-iron concept has become increasingly popular in the last few years, particularly as better players shy away from hybrids more resembling compact metalwoods. The iron-replacement clubs offer the distance of hybrids with workability not truly available in a hybrid look. Tour Edge is trying to take that concept from the low-numbered irons all the way through the bag.

The Tour Edge Exotics CBX iS will be available predominantly in a Sterling Silver finish, with just 30 sets of Black Pearl finish available. The individual iron-woods are available from 2-5 for $200 each in the silver finish (add $50 for Black Pearl). The iS set will retail for $900 ($1,200 for graphite) in a six-piece set or $1,050 ($1,400 for graphite) in a seven-piece set in the KBS 90, Dynamic Gold or KBS Tour steel shaft, or the KuroKage, Recoil or HZRDUS graphite shaft.

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