Tiger Woods switches driver shafts for the 2018 Masters
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Tiger Woods switches driver shafts for the 2018 Masters

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Tiger Woods' 2018 comeback is the real deal. Woods has posted three consecutive top-15 finishes, and he's among the favorites to win the Masters. His putting and short game have looked fabulous. His iron play has been very good.

The only thing really holding Woods up is his driving. He's struggled off the tee with his TaylorMade M3 driver as he tries to find a comfortable way to get the ball in the fairway. He's got plenty of clubhead speed, and his drives go a long way. He just needs to get the direction right. And to that end, Woods has changed out his driver shaft ahead of the Masters with hopes of getting distance and direction working together at Augusta National.

Tiger Woods' new driver and 3-wood shaft is the Mitsubishi Tensei Pro Orange shaft.

The Mitsubishi Tensei Pro Orange shaft retails for $450, which isn't an object for Tiger Woods' net worth, but the shaft characteristics can help him launch the ball lower off the driver.

The shaft line features a carbon fiber-Kevlar weave in the butt section to create a counter-balance, while enhancing stability and feel. The higher balance point created allows engineers to create a lighter swingweights for better speed and more distance.

The stiff tip section is reinforced with MR70 – Mitsubishi Chemical’s strongest carbon fiber, for lower torque and improved stability. The CK Tensei Pro series also includes High Modulus, which is a 40-Ton hybrid carbon fiber prepreg infused with tungsten power at precise positions along the shaft.

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