Where you can get some of those Bill Murray bell bottoms he's wearing at Pebble Beach

Where you can get some of those Bill Murray bell bottoms he’s wearing at Pebble Beach

Bill Murray is synonymous with the AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am. The "Caddyshack" legend -- who did way more than just that golf movie, but this is a golf site, so we have to say that -- is part of the price of admission at the annual PGA Tour stop on the Monterey Peninsula.

Each year, Bill Murray wears something a little out there at Pebble Beach, and this year is no different. However, instead of wearing an Elmer Fudd hat, or overalls or something else kind of out of left field, Bill Murray is bringing back a staple of 1970s attire. Bill Murray is wearing bell bottoms.

Actually, to be on brand, he's wear Bill Bottoms.

Murray is wearing bell bottom-style pants he's made in partnership with his William Murray Golf brand and Betabrand, which takes crowd-sourced fashion ideas and helps create them to put them on sale. (Full disclosure: I own a pair of business sweatpants from Betabrand, and they're fantastic.)  The pattern on the pants alternates orange-yellow peonies and train caboose blueprints. The flower choice was inspired by Murray's mother Lucille, as the peony was her favorite flower.

So, how can you buy a pair of Bill Murray bell bottoms? Well, if you donate $100 do Betabrand's crowdfunding for the pants, and they hit their $4,300 goal (they's more than two-thirds there), then you'll get a pair of the pants for funding the campaign. The pants feature four-way stretch, moisture-wicking 95 percent polyester fabric, with deep pockets to hold all of your golf things, as well a stretch waistband for a good fit.

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