Barack Obama beat Jordan Spieth at golf*, according to Jordan Spieth
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Barack Obama beat Jordan Spieth at golf*, according to Jordan Spieth

Former President Barack Obama beat world No. 2 Jordan Spieth in golf.

It sounds worse for Spieth than it really is. It's not like Obama beat a three-time major champion straight-up. Rather, it was a team deal as part of a killer sixsome in Dallas at Spieth's home course with Spieth, Obama, Steph and Seth Curry, Under Armour founder Kevin Plank and Jerry West's son, Johnnie.

Spieth went on "The Late Late Show" with James Corden, and he talked about the round.

Spieth tells Corden how Obama, with a crowd around him, had a double-breaking 10-footer to lock up the match. Spieth said he had never seen anyone make the putt, but Obama told him before the putt that he never misses with a crowd around him. Sure enough, Obama steps up, bangs it in and wins the match, preventing Spieth from being able to polish off a victory.

Of course, they had to be playing with handicaps or some kind of better ball deal. Still, Obama won against Spieth, and that's a hell of an arrow in his golf quiver (his Presidential quiver is a different set of arrows). Hell, I'm still telling people about that time I beat a half-interested Lucas Glover in a chipping contest in like 2009 at Trump's club in New Jersey. Obama can tell people he (and a partner) beat Spieth. Pretty sick.

Spieth also shared some of Obama's mind tricks he apparently uses to spook his opponents. The Texan asked Obama what he would have liked to know going into the presidency that he learned in 8 years of office. Obama goes on this long-winded answer in Obama fashion, before he gets to the end. Just before he steps up to the putt, he gets Spieth spooked about the existence of aliens.

"He goes, 'They're freaking crazy looking.' And then he walks up, makes his putt, turns back, walks off the green, leaves it at that and gives me a wink," Spieth said. "And I'm sitting there, I'm not going to sleep for a week!"

Obama's in Spieth's head now.

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