Fastest PGA Tour round? Wesley Bryan played in 89 minutes at 2017 BMW Championship
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Fastest PGA Tour round? Wesley Bryan played in 89 minutes at 2017 BMW Championship

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Wesley Bryan may well have made unique PGA Tour history in the final round of the 2017 BMW Championship, perhaps playing the fastest timed round on record.

Bryan was the last-place player in the field through three rounds at Conway Farms, where the field of 70 qualifiers had been reduced to 69 players after Danny Lee withdrew from the event in the first round. That meant he would be playing by himself on Sunday morning, ending his PGA Tour season by his lonesome in the first tee time. Bryan had the option of asking for a playing marker for pacing purposes, but Bryan, who won the RBC Heritage this season, chose to go it alone and get it done.

Bryan raced around Conway Farms at a pace closer probably to what he would like every time he plays, getting around Conway Farms in 89 minutes while shooting 2-under 69 to finish the third leg of the FedEx Cup playoffs. That's pretty amazing.

Often times, when we hear of stories of players going off first and alone, they play somewhere just shy of 2 hours and seem like they're flying. Bryan finished in under 1 hour, 30 minutes, making all of those 2-hour rounds look downright slow.

We don't have an official PGA Tour record for the fastest round, though ShotLink data collected dating back to the early 2000s could probably give us a good benchmark for the fastest round. It would be difficult to imagine a faster round than 89 minutes.

That said, the fastest golf round ever played is dramatically faster than Bryan's 89-minute 69. The current Guinness world record for the fastest round of golf, however, is set at 26 minutes, 37 seconds, done in 2008 by a South African at Woodhill Golf Estate in Pretoria on a course that is 6,995 yards in length. He shot 92 to make the record.

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