Mizuno MP-18 irons offer four sets for players of all types

Mizuno MP-18 irons offer four sets for players of all types

Mizuno irons -- particularly their blades -- draw a lot of gawkers on the driving range and in the pro shop. They're beautiful, and they're Mizuno's bread and butter.

And, like clockwork, Mizuno is out with its every-two-years update to its iron line, introducing the MP-18 line of irons featuring four different sets for all types of players.

The MP-18 replaces the MP-4, which was the primo blade iron from the company, with some updates. The MP-18 is a forged blade with a slightly wider sole than its predecessor. The head is actually smaller than the MP-4 and MP-5 with a low-heel design. The 7-iron down to pitching wedge are more compact in particular, though modern metal work has kept the sweet spot about the same as the MP-4. The MP-18 comes with the Dynamic Gold S300 as the stock shaft.

The MP-18 SC (stands for split cavity) has a wider sole than other irons in the line for more forgiveness and playability for a wider range of players. The topline is thicker and the face is deeper compared to the MP-18. The MP-18 SC features the KBS Tour Stiff shaft.

The MP-18 MMC (stands for multi-metal construction) brings in different metals in different irons for varying effects. The long irons have 8 grams of titanium along the perimeter of the club and 20 grams of tungsten in the toe of the club to increase moment of inertia (MOI). That smaller profile found through the MP-18 line remains here, but the sweet spot is larger to create the most forgiving iron in the series. The MP-18 MMC comes with the Nippon Modus 120 Stiff shaft as stock.

The fourth MP-18 set isn't really a full set. The MP-18 MMC Fli-Hi is a partial set to give players options when compiling their set into a potential combo. Offered in 2- through 6-iron, these irons maintain a slim look but offer more weight in the bottom half of the iron to lower center of gravity and improve launch conditions, particularly for players with higher ball speeds.

All Mizuno MP-18 irons are $150 per club and will be available in September.

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