REVIEW: GlobalGolf's Tourney golf apparel line
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REVIEW: GlobalGolf’s Tourney golf apparel line

Looking and feeling good in Tourney clothes.

Golf is a game of confidence. If you feel good, you're more likely to play good (really, well, but go with it). And that means you need to feel good about your mechanics, your strategy and, yes, your look.

Feeling confident in your look means wearing something that fits right, feels weather appropriate and represents your style well. It also means having clothes that will perform in any circumstance on the golf course: rain or shine, in different temperatures and humidity, as well in potential wind.

The problem is that the right look in golf can often cost an absurd amount of money. Certain pieces, like rain gear and such, are years-long investments and pay off over time. However, fundamentals like shirts, shorts and pullovers shouldn't have to break the bank if you'd rather shell out buku bucks for green fees than blue shirts.

GlobalGolf, a retailer selling all kinds of golf gear, equipment and apparel, agrees. So they are now the exclusive sellers of a new golf-apparel label brand, licensed by Tharanco Lifestyles, called Tourney. The first-run line includes five polo shirts, a pair of chinos, a pair of golf shorts and a pullover, with nothing selling for more than $40. That's a steal of a price, with the shirts starting at $30 each, or $40 for two.

The shirt designs are not risky. They're classic staples, with clean stripes, piping and hemming, inspired from a half-century ago. The colors rank from neutral to a little more bright, but there's nothing outrageous. Each shirt is made completely of microfiber polyester, and all but one model (the Ace, with a pocket look over the left breast) are jersey style. The tailored collar is a nice look on a number of the shirts, while a knit collar on the Brassie shirt lays nicely. Pearlized button contrast nicely with the designs. The shirts have side vents and moisture-wicking technology to keep you cool and feeling good.

The quarter-zip -- my personal golf staple -- is 96 percent poly, with a 4 percent Spandex component. It looks classy, not tech-y, and it's lightweight, making it a great layering piece for those cool holes at the start or end of a round. The stiffer collar is a nice touch to prevent the piece from looking saggy. A contrasting color along the packet really brings the whole thing together.

The shorts, which are $35 for one or $50 for two, were great. Modern golf shorts need a little stretch in them, and the Tourney shorts do. It's just enough to make for a better fit regardless of what you're wearing and if you're up or down a few pounds from stasis. They're flat front, and they're 95 percent microfiber polyester without looking like it. The slant front pockets are the right play for golf shorts, making it easier to get a tee or divot-repair tool out of them. They're only available in neutral colors, which is really the right play for shorts. Let the shirt be loud.

On the shirts and pullover, you should size up. Tourney's clothes have a fit to them that were inspired by the cuts of the early 1960s, and that generally means a little more form-fitting. If you don't want a Saran wrap feel on your torso, then you should club up one -- particularly if you have a broader build in the shoulder or gut areas. The pants and shorts are true to size, and the stretch is good is enough to keep you on size if you're concerned. If you want to go looser, it can't hurt to size up, but I don't prefer that.

These clothes perform well on the course, and they also have a classic look that works off the course. The versatility is appreciated, particularly in my line of work. The shorts and pullover are staples that I can always use, even without a golf shirt. The Tourney logo reminds me some of the Express lion emblem, so it gives it a little more fashionable look.

And again, the value is fantastic. Even if you're someone who prefers a specific look with your shirt, you're going to get a great price on modern looks in the pullover and bottoms. That's a win.

We liked Tourney so much, we're working with GlobalGolf to give away a full Tourney outfit. All you have to do is follow GolfNewsNet and GlobalGolf on Instagram between by July 9 at 12 a.m. Eastern and make sure to tag a buddy in the comments of our Tourney Instagram post to be entered to win.

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