Spring Into Golf, No. 1: Popticals NYDEF golf sunglasses
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Spring Into Golf, No. 1: Popticals NYDEF golf sunglasses

Every time I play golf, I have to wear sunglasses (thanks to an eye issue). They help me see in the sun and, typically, the contrast helps me read greens better. So, over the years, I've become a bit of a connoisseur of shades.

Popticals is a new entrant into the golf sunglasses market, and they have a unique feature: the ability to fold up into a tiny size, one lens over the other, so that they're more portable than ever. That makes them great to keep in a golf bag or in a pocket or anywhere other than on the top of your head, where my bald head gets a nice indent.

So, we're giving away a pair of Popticals, valued at $199, with their NYDEF golf-specific sunglass lenses!

The non-polarized NYDEF nylon lenses have purple and violet hues designed to provide enhanced contrast between the white and green colors of golf, including helping with reading greens. The nylon isĀ 20 percent clearer and lighter in weight than polycarbonate lenses used in many other sunglasses, and they have a water- and dust-repelling coating calledĀ Ri-Pel.

To win the Popticals, you need to do two things:

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  2. Retweet our contest tweet

And then you're entered! Our giveaway ends with the final putt of the 2017 RBC Heritage on Easter Sunday.