The top putters on the 2016 PGA Tour and the putters they used
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The top putters on the 2016 PGA Tour and the putters they used

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The title of best putter on the PGA Tour -- the guy with the sweetest stroke -- is not settled. Jordan Spieth has the best putting stroke. Jason Day makes the most putts. Others still would tell you either Steve Stricker, Luke Donald, Kevin Kisner or Brandt Snedeker.

The PGA Tour measures who is the best putter these days with a statistic called strokes gained putting. Strokes gained putting is determined on a putt by figuring out the distance of the putt and how many strokes, on average, it takes a PGA Tour player to hole out from that distance. Then, if a player makes the stroke, they gain the difference. All of those gained or lost strokes are added up, and that's how the PGA Tour decides the best putter in general terms.

So, who are the 10 best and the 10 worst putters on the PGA Tour? Here's a look at the PGA Tour's best putters based on strokes gained putting in the 2015-16 PGA Tour season, as well the putters they use.

10 best putters on the PGA Tour

  1. Jason Day, TaylorMade Spider Limited Red -- 1.13 strokes gained per round
  2. Jordan Spieth, Scotty Cameron 009 prototype -- 0.76 strokes gained per round
  3. Kevin Kisner, Odyssey White Hot Pro #7 -- 0.67 strokes gained per round
  4. Andrew Landry, Ping Scottsdale TR ZB S -- 0.65 strokes gained per round
  5. Steve Stricker, Odyssey White Hot #2 -- 0.62 strokes gained per round
  6. Harris English, Odyssey White Hot Pro 2-Ball -- 0.59 strokes gained per round
  7. Daniel Summerhays, Ping Anser Milled Anser 5 -- 0.59 strokes gained per round
  8. Aaron Baddeley, Odyssey Works #7CH -- 0.58 strokes gained per round
  9. Phil Mickelson, Odyssey Versa #9 (WBW) -- 0.57 strokes gained per round
  10. Martin Piller, Ping Ketsch TR Counterbalance -- 0.56 strokes gained per round

This means that Jason Day gained an average of 1.13 strokes on the field per round because he was that good at putting. That's an insane advantage and allows him to make up for mistakes in other facets of his game. Gaining more than 0.5 strokes per round putting is a huge asset.

10 worst putters on the PGA Tour

  1. Greg Owen -- 0.95 strokes lost per round
  2. Rory Sabbatini -- 0.95 strokes lost per round
  3. Keegan Bradley -- 0.63 strokes lost per round
  4. D.A. Points -- 0.60 strokes lost per round
  5. Derek Ernst -- 0.56 strokes lost per round
  6. Ken Duke -- 0.52 strokes lost per round
  7. Robert Allenby -- 0.49 strokes lost per round
  8. George McNeill -- 0.49 strokes lost per round
  9. Webb Simpson -- 0.48 strokes lost per round
  10. Will MacKenzie -- 0.48 strokes lost per round

On the other end of the spectrum, Greg Own and Rory Sabbatini, both good ballstrikers, are terrible putters. They're costing their wallets with their inability to hole the ball better.

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