REVIEW: Carnoustie Tech golf shirt
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REVIEW: Carnoustie Tech golf shirt

It was a fitting day to try out Carnoustie Tech Desert Collection. It was freaking hot outside -- a 95-degree tournament day at our golf club. Thank goodness the shirt performed well.

When I think of Carnoustie, I don't think of warm weather. I think of the Scottish links that is typically temperate, sometimes windy and subject to some rough weather. And Carnoustie Golf has specialized in clothing that has classic styling and materials to handle those kinds of conditions well. However, the company's Tech line is designed with a full breadth of weather in mind, with moisture-wicking, anti-microbial materials in the shirts that are good for heat and rain alike, as well UV protection that helps protect the covered skin from the sun's potentially harmful rays.

The extra large shirt I wore didn't have a tailored fit, but it wasn't the trash-bag style you'd expect from FootJoy up until about 2012. It was comfortable from the start, with plenty of fabric to tuck the shirt in and still have a little loose material left over to not feel like I was covered with Saran wrap. Simultaneously, the micro-polyester and spandex mix didn't feel overly techy, which is something most designers are able to avoid these days. The knit collar on the shirt isn't my favorite style, but it's adequate and doesn't get in the way. There are also shirts in the Tech line with self collars.

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On the rather hot day I tried out the shirt, I was sweating significantly a handful of holes into the round. While the shirt felt wet at times, it never was so saturated so as to feel uncomfortable. The material absorbed the moisture well, wicking it away from my body to allow the heat to dry it. The anti-microbial nature of the fabric kept me from stinking up the joint -- at least with my body, golf game is another story.

The Desert Collection for 2016-17 has colorways inspired by hues you'd expect to see in the southwest portion of the United States -- burnt orange, black, white and gray. (It's also great if you happen to be a Baltimore Orioles fan.) The Classic Collection replaces orange with blue. The Resort Collection brings in green, a lighter blue, black and white together for a bolder look.

The Carnoustie Tech collection of shirts retail from $70-$100 per shirt.

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