PODCAST: Talking 'Men in Green' with SI's Michael Bamberger

PODCAST: Talking ‘Men in Green’ with SI’s Michael Bamberger


Michael Bamberger is one of the best golf writers and reporters in the business, and he's come out with a new book, "Men in Green," which details his journey to learn more about 18 legends -- some obvious, some not so much -- in a trip back to a different era of the sport.

Ryan Ballengee talks with Bamberger about his book and just some of the questions that come out of the litany of amazing stories and tidbits found in it, including:

  • Arnold Palmer saying he lost the "edge" after winning the 1960 U.S. Open
  • The reclusive Mickey Wright and why she made a clean break from golf
  • The legend of Ken Venturi and the legends he told
  • The themes found in the book, including reflecting on life as we age

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