You could see Tiger Woods soon sporting a shaved head
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You could see Tiger Woods soon sporting a shaved head

Like many men, Tiger Woods is losing his hair. He's fighting a losing battle at this point, with genetics set to rob Woods of the hair he once dyed blonde and in a tiger pattern.

Woods acknowledged his balding in a Tuesday interview with FOX Sports' Colleen Dominguez, saying he may well have to shave his head.

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"I'm comfortable aging. My hairline's not," Woods said. "I've got a nice skylight, and if I don't wear a hat, you know, I can feel the heat unfortunately.

"I think I will (shave his head), but I'm fighting the cause. I'm fighting it hard. It's a no-win fight, but I'm just hanging in there."

Speaking from personal experience -- I started losing my hair when I was 15 -- I went through the same fight. By sophomore year of college, I had buzzed my hair down to basically nothing and kept it that way for another eight years. In 2010, before I went to Orlando for my annual golf trip and my first appearance on Golf Channel's "Morning Drive," my wife suggested I shave my head all the way. I did and have never looked back. But I'm fortunate; my head has a good shape to it, so it looks fine sans hair of any kind. Woods may not be so fortunate, but the only way to know is to give it a try.

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