PHOTOS: Rory McIlroy's new girlfriend (maybe)? Sasha Gale
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PHOTOS: Rory McIlroy’s new girlfriend (maybe)? Sasha Gale

So maybe Rory McIlroy isn't dating Irish model Nadia Forde. Maybe he's dating Northern Irish model Sasha Gale.

You could be forgiven for thinking the two women are dopplegangers, but the Irish Independent -- the same paper that was persistent on the imminent breakup of McIlroy and ex-fiance Caroline Wozniacki -- reports the woman spotted leaving a Belfast club with the Open champion is his new flame, Gale.

Gale, 23, is a part-time model, part-time hostess from Ulster, who has purportedly been dating McIlroy quietly for about a month now. Initial rumors from across the pond had McIlroy in a fling with the Irish singer Forde, but several of McIlroy's friends have said she isn't McIlroy's type.

Gale can be found on Twitter and Instagram, sharing fun photos like these.


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