VIDEO: Watch the trailer for EA Sports' PGA Tour 2015 golf game

VIDEO: Watch the trailer for EA Sports’ PGA Tour 2015 golf game

EA Sports will be back in the business of making golf video games in 2015.

On Monday, EA Sports unveiled the trailer for their first golf video game not featuring Tiger Woods in over 15 years. The video-game giant shared a trailer for "EA Sports PGA Tour," set to premiere in Spring 2015.

The game will feature several professional golfers, including Ian Poulter, as well as many of the tracks that have been historically available in the game, including TPC Sawgrass' Stadium Course. The course will also feature fantasy courses, including playing during an ocean battle.

The company termed the game as "golf without limits," perhaps insinuating the end of their relationship with Woods, but also promoting their Frostbite 3 graphics engine.