Tony Romo used golf to help Dez Bryant get over lousy start vs. Giants
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Tony Romo used golf to help Dez Bryant get over lousy start vs. Giants

Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant wasn't playing his best from the outset of Sunday's road game against the New York Giants. The Oklahoma State product had an early fumble and a drop that led to an interception of quarterback Tony Romo.

Romo, however, didn't get down on the talented wide out. Instead, he propped Bryant up, using golf to explain why time was on his side.

“He had the drop and then the other one with the fumble that obviously took us out of field position,” Romo said, according to the Cowboys' website. “You just have to have that mental approach to come back. It’s just like a quarterback who throws an interception, or a golfer who makes a double bogey, you just have to figure out the game isn’t over.”

I mean, sure, but a golf round is 18 holes in five hours. An NFL game is decidedly shorter, by about 90 minutes. Then again, there's about one-third the amount of actual game time in golf compared to football.

Nevertheless, Romo continued with the sideline comparison to golf that got Bryant back into the game en route to a critical NFC East division road win.

“You didn't play all 18 holes yet,” Romo said, paraphrasing what he told Bryant. “If you’re still in it, you’ve got to be able to say, ‘Alright, I’m pissed, but I’ll worry about that later tomorrow and figure that out and get better. Right now, our team needs me to play at the best that I can play,’ and Dez does a good job of that.”

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