Gratuitous gallery of puppies and golf together

Gratuitous gallery of puppies and golf together

Not everything we do here at Golf News Net is smart or high-brow, hardly. And we're not above fishing for hits with pictures, embedded social media posts and other things. So that's why we present, without apology, a gallery of puppies and dogs in cute golf situations.

First, the inspiration for the post: A picture, shot by Getty Images, of a trio of puppies inside the trophy for this week's World Cup of Golf in Australia.

Now onto the puppies.

Here's a set of three in a couple of different action shots.

Or how about this little guy watching someone play putt-putt?

Mini Golf + Puppies

Here's a service dog helping out on the mini-links.

Apparently, someone tried to make dogs blocking mini-golf into a thing.

Puppy caddie? Yes, please.

You can find dogs working (that's a loose use of the word) alongside superintendents at lots of golf courses. Check out this Weimaraner:

This dog is actually a part of a series of greeting cards you can buy. This is just wrong. (Purchase.)

And, finally, this dog seems to be distracted by a squirrel instead of offering sound instruction. Wuff Harmon?