The 19th Hole Golf Show (11/7): Vijay, drugs & power

The 19th Hole Golf Show (11/7): Vijay, drugs & power

On this week's The 19th Hole Golf Show, I talk about Vijay Singh v. PGA Tour and the recent allegations made in a court hearing by Singh's lawyer, Peter Ginsberg.

Topics include:

  • Did Ginsberg use the hearing as a press release of sorts, knowing it would be covered by the press?
  • How murky is the PGA Tour's relationship with its "independent contractors"?
  • Do the players really control the PGA Tour as the Tour's lawyer claimed?
  • Is there some more nuance to the claim that the PGA Tour has excepted players from drug testing and punishment?
  • Does the PGA Tour have a monopoly over professional golf?

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