Miss World contestants fail miserably at golf, but at least they tried

Miss World contestants fail miserably at golf, but at least they tried

An admitted ignoramus to the beauty-pageant circuit, I'm not sure how often these contests have talent portions anymore, nor what counts as a talent.

But if a pageant contestant could play golf or perform some great trick shots on demand, she would surely win a tiara and sash, right?

The Miss World contestants are in Bali for the world's beauty pageant -- or is that Miss Universe? Ah, the hell with it --  and they were asked to try out some golf at a resort property there. As you might imagine, the results were hilarious.

Some lowlights:

  • The notion that a 5-footer is a golfing skill really defiles the notion of mini-golf, but if Tiger Woods made as many of these as the contestants did, he'd have 15 majors or more by now.
  • Misses Scotland and England, two of the best golfing nations, are really bad at golf. That has to be a facepalm moment for the Home of Golf.
  • Miss Korea has a darned good golf swing.
  • One of the contestants, whose country nametag they don't show, really loves her putter. In fact, when they take the ladies to the tee box to hit drivers, she still hits putter. That's a trick I used to pull at the driving range for money.

In their defense, the pageant contestants are way better at being in shape, smiling, socializing, using weird tapes and glues and other things than I am. So we'll call it even.