Jason Dufner photobombed Matt Kuchar in Google Hangout [GIF]
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Jason Dufner photobombed Matt Kuchar in Google Hangout [GIF]

The Jason Dufner that won the PGA Championship? He doesn't show much emotion -- not after winning the Wanamaker, or even while grabbing his wife Amanda's butt after taking his maiden major title.

Jason Dufner off the golf course? Well, contrary to the Legend of Dufnering, Jason Dufner is quite the comedian.

He showed that off some on Tuesday in a Google+ Hangout conducted by the PGA Tour ahead of the Presidents Cup...with Matt Kuchar. Kuchar was minding his own business, answering questions, when about 3:25 into the session, Dufner photobombs from stage right. He then does it one more time before taking over for Kuchar for the final half of the Hangout.


Dufner is pretty much universally liked for his sense of humor, which is typically more dry.

An example: Dufner was asked Tuesday what he thought about the possibility of playing with Tiger Woods in Presidents Cup matches this week. His response?

"I think our temperaments are pretty similar," Dufner said. "We're pretty casual out on the golf course. (Editor's note: You should be laughing now.) I think it could be a good pairing and we'll see if it checks out."

As for the American team tradition of ping-pong matches in the team room at the intensity -- or higher -- than the golf, Dufner said he'll let Tiger have his fun trying to run the table.

"I'm trying to take it easy on them," Dufner said. "I don't want to bruise his confidence this week. We need him to play well."

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