A fox is stealing lots of golf balls from golfers at Swedish course
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A fox is stealing lots of golf balls from golfers at Swedish course [VIDEO]

Animals are a part of golf. We're playing in their habitat, essentially, so it only makes sense for them to make the occasional cameo in the middle of our rounds. However, when an animal steals our golf ball, it's unacceptable. Unacceptably cute.

At a Swedish golf course, a delightful fox is stealing golf balls in broad daylight. As the BBC reports, the fox is waiting for golfers to hit their shot (in the video, clearly on the practice range) before running out to grab the ball and hide it in some shrubbery.

The fox is way cuter about it than the time I was playing at Carroll Park -- then a 12-hole public facility in Baltimore. My group hit four perfectly good tee shots into the fairway at a short, downhill par 4 when, from out of nowhere, kids ran out of the bushes and stole our golf balls. No lie.

Even better? The kids tried to sell us back our golf balls two holes later. On the last hole.

By all accounts, the fox is not running a morally corrupted ball-reselling operation.

However, it is clear the fox continues to not make a sound, leaving us in the dark to the sound the fox makes. Thank God for Ylvis, who, in their summer hit, "The Fox," tells us precisely that noise.

And that was a long way to go to fit that into a post. At least I didn't make a Fox News joke, right? We report. You decide.

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