Doomsday resort promises post-apocalypse underground golf course
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Vivos doomsday resort promises post-apocalypse underground golf course


The golfer's problem with the seemingly always-looming doomsday is the implication that we'll all be forced either underground or off this planet entirely. After all, there are no courses in either place -- yet. But there's one coming.

San Diego businessman Robert Vicino is building a massive underground resort beneath a former mine site in Kansas and is selling RV (yes, RV) space in his planned 2 million square-foot bunker at $26,000 each.

Other than security from nuclear rain, what kind of amenities can someone expect at the Vivos resort? For one, a golf course, as well a spa, wine bar and dance floor. (Once the wine is gone, where do they get more?)

"Hopefully, it will never be needed, but if it is, it will be priceless," Vicino said to ABC 10 News. "We said, 'Let's not make it just available for a catastrophe, but let's turn it into a 24/7 resort where our members can go until the moment of truth."

No word on who will design the cavernous links, but seeing as though the average 18-hole golf course takes up about 150 acres, and the bunker itself will be some 45 acres, it'll probably be one of those six-hole loops Jack Nicklaus loves.

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