The Drinking Game: Deutsche Bank Championship
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The Drinking Game: Deutsche Bank Championship


Sometimes, it can be a little tough watching pro golf on TV -- even for the most diehard of fans. We here at Albatrossity understand and want to make it better, so each week we'll give you a drinking game that'll hopefully inject some liquid excitement to your TV time.

This week, we preview the second leg of the PGA Tour's FedEx Cup playoffs: the Deutsche Bank Championship.

So, TPC Boston hosts the Deutsche Bank Championship this week. But, TPC Boston isn't in Boston. In fact, it's not even close. It's almost an hour away in Norton. Any time you remember that (probably for no more than an hour in our game), take a 6-second swig -- a second for every 10 minutes Norton is from Boston.

The Tiger Woods Foundation is the primary beneficiary of this tournament, meaning you're to drink any time there's a mention of the good work they do for kids. Or, if you're playing the Express version of the game, just drink every time you see Tiger on TV.

The numbers 100 and 70 are big this week. There are 100 players in the field and only 70 will advance to the BMW Championship. Hear either of those numbers? Drink. Again, in the Express game, drink every time you hear or see any projected FedEx Cup rankings.

Since Tiger Woods, Adam Scott and Phil Mickelson are Nos. 1-3 in the FedEx Cup standings, they're going to play together the first two days of the tournament. They also did that when they were Nos. 1-3 in the Official World Golf Ranking at the 2008 U.S. Open. When that tournament gets mentioned, drink on one leg, since Tiger won on one leg. Take a bonus drink when it's mentioned Tiger won on one leg.

This tournament runs Friday-Monday since it's Labor Day on Monday. Cute, huh? Drink every time it's mentioned that the tournament ends on Monday. And for our pre-gamers, you're going to want to drink on Thursday when you realize for the millionth year in a row that this tournament starts on Friday.

If that's not good enough to get you healthily buzzed -- or downright drunk -- while watching the Deutsche Bank Championship, then, as fans heckled in a bygone era, you're the man.

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