Want to maintain your golf handicap online? Try The Grint

Want to maintain your golf handicap online? Try The Grint

A couple of weeks ago, I walked into the 19th hole after a round at my golf club and saw something strange: A friend of mine was taking a picture of his scorecard with his phone.

I asked him why he was doing that. Did he have the best round of his life or something? Maybe sharing some SMSS (SMS smack) with his friends?

Nope, he said. He was updating his handicap.

Intrigued, I asked how precisely that was happening. Then he told me about The Grint. It's a website and app that a player can use to maintain their handicap for free.

After going through the sign-up process, it's a simple process to post scores. Go to your account and click Add Score. Then you're presented with a scorecard. You add in the date, search for the course, pick a set of tees and -- voila! -- a complete scorecard for the course you played appears (assuming it's one of the 17,000 courses available).

Then enter your score on each hole, as well as how many putts and penalty strokes you had on each hole. Also, you can enter where your tee shot wound up on each hole (or if it's a par 3).

Based on all that information, The Grint will fill in your greens in regulation, as well as par saves.

Or, for as little as $39.99 per year, you can have The Grint do it for you, like they do for my friend.

They offer two tiers of plans: the Blue plan offers six scorecard uploads/translations per month for an annual $39.99 fee (or $3.99 per month), while the Gold plan offers unlimited uploads for $69.99 per year. The Blue plan is probably good enough for most golfers.

All you have to do is mark your scorecard in a way that communicates all the info you would manually track and enter, take a picture using your phone and upload it to their smartphone app for Apple or Android devices, or email it. The scores are processed manually that same day on weekdays and by Monday if it's a weekend round.

For the player that not only wants easy access to their handicap, but also pertinent stats to help their game, all while not having to maintain a clunky spreadsheet with all of that data, The Grint is a great option.

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