Adam Scott on anchoring bag: PGA Tour 'laid down'
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Adam Scott on anchoring bag: PGA Tour ‘laid down’

Adam Scott slammed the PGA Tour ahead of the 2013 Open Championship for the decision of the PGA Tour Policy Board to adopt the anchoring ban, as covered under Rule 14-1b, that was enacted by the game's rulemaking bodies.

"[The PGA Tour] strongly felt the other way earlier in the year and they didn't follow through," Scott said to the Australian Associated Press on Sunday ahead of the Open Championship.

In February, PGA Tour commissioner Tim Finchem announced the organization's objection to the then-proposed rule, which was announced in November 2012, then subject to a 90-day comment period.

Then on May 21, the governing bodies chose to adopt the rule, as proposed, anyhow as well as its originally suggested Jan. 1, 2016, enforcement start date. On July 1 at the Greenbrier Classic, the nine-member PGA Tour Policy Board met and decided to accept the rule and enforce it in the same fashion as the USGA and R&A intended.

Scott concluded, "Essentially we just laid down and I think that's a pretty poor precedent to set for the PGA Tour with things moving forward. We just lie down like that and not make any waves."

Asked at the Masters how he would respond to the ban if enacted, the eventual champion said he would continue to use a broomstick-style putter but would keep it "millimeters" from his body so as to avoid anchoring it.

When asked by AAP when he would make the switch to a conventional-style stroke and/or putter, Scott said, "Probably Jan. 1, 2016."

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