PGA Tour player Charlie Beljan deletes Twitter account after calling President a "D-bag"

PGA Tour player Charlie Beljan deletes Twitter account after calling President a “D-bag”

Think before you tweet. That's the lesson PGA Tour player Charlie Beljan illustrated with an exchange he started this weekend.

Beljan, clearly not a fan of President Barack Obama, tweeted with glee on Saturday at the selection of Wisconsin congressman Paul Ryan to join presumptive Republican nominee Mitt Romney on the party's presidential ticket.

Of course, everyone is entitled to their opinion, and opinions on the PGA Tour tend to run well right of center. Fans, however, seem completely disinterested in the political leanings of athletes (and media, for that matter) - particularly when they're neither constructive nor backed up with coherent evidence.

Making matters worse, a fan who followed Beljan responded to his tweet with disappointment. Another follower of Beljan came to his defense, perhaps in the worst way possible - trying to discredit the offended fan's opinion because of his employment at Penn State University. Beljan then digitally pats the back of the defending fan, trying to link the Obama administration with the failures of officials at Penn State.

For the full exchange, first shared by Geoff Shackelford, scan this screenshot:

Beljan deleted his Twitter account on Monday. Shackelford asked the PGA Tour to comment on the situation, querying if a fine had been levied. The Tour declined comment.

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