Phil Mickelson won't be the next George Steinbrenner as Padres minority owner

Phil Mickelson won’t be the next George Steinbrenner as Padres minority owner

Now that he owns a piece of the San Diego Padres, Phil Mickelson is not planning to become a visible - or audible - stakeholder in the club.

Rather, Mickelson will defer to the O'Malley family, former owners of the Los Angeles Dodgers, who recruited Mickelson to be a part of their $800 million bid to buy the team. The sale will be finalized later this season when the other Major League Baseball owners vote to approve the deal.

"I'm not involved in the day‑to‑day, no," he said. "My partners on this, the O'Malleys and Seidlers, they're phenomenal.  They've been doing this for decades, their family has.  They know what they're doing, and I'm a big believer if you get the right people you let them do their job, and I am not the right person on the team, they are, but it's fun for me to be a part of it and see if I can help bring everybody together."

Perhaps Mickelson's department can be leading the public relations charge. The fan favorite has never had trouble getting people to root for him inside the ropes. From the owner's box, he hopes to bring fans back to PetCo Park.

"The last few years I think the fan base has lost a little bit of faith in the team," he said, "and we'll see if we can turn that around."

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