10-year-old Stone looking to enjoy U.S. Women's Amateur experience

10-year-old Stone looking to enjoy U.S. Women’s Amateur experience

Latanna Stone, the 10-year-old who became the youngest to ever qualify for the U.S. Women's Amateur, is well aware of what she has accomplished - but never counted on it.

"I didn't expect I would qualify," she said Thursday on "Morning Drive." "I just wanted to try to qualify. I wasn't thinking about being the youngest. I just tried to qualify and shoot in the 70s."

She almost shot in the 60s, carding 2-under 70 in a July 13 qualifier to win medalist honors.

Stone, who took up the game at the age of 2 and began tournament golf at five years old, said she doesn't get nervous playing the game. She's very confident in her skills.

"I can do mostly anything," he said. "I've been playing golf for eight years, so I can do this."

Claiming to have won over 100 junior tournaments dating back to her beginnings with The First Tee, Stone knows the U.S. Women's Amateur will be a big change.

"This is just going to be a learning experience for me," she said.

When she's not beating people more than twice her age, Stone enjoys TV classics.

"I really like the old TV shows," she said, "like 'Sabrina: The Teenage Witch,' 'The Nanny,' 'Home Improvement.'"