PGA Tour (2011-present) searchable fantasy database

PGA Tour (2011-present) searchable fantasy database

Welcome to the Forebucks fantasy research database!

From this page, you can query PGA Tour data, going back to 2011, which is a MUST to be a regular winner at fantasy golf, DraftKings daily fantasy golf and golf wagering, including head-to-head matchups.

Use the query form below to create your searches. Only GNN members will be able to access the results.



  • You MUST enter a Better Than Position, meaning that you must tell the database that you're searching for a certain finishing point and better. For example, if you enter 15, you'll get results for the top 15 in events in the rest of your query.
  • Every player who missed the cut, got DQ'd, MDF'd or DNS'd is listed as a 999 in finish.
  • If you enter 999 as the Better Than Position, you'll get every player in a field.
  • Everything else is optional, but the query must all make sense, or you won't get search results.
  • Please contact Support with questions.