Titleist begins Tour seeding of new T-Series irons
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Titleist begins Tour seeding of new T-Series irons

By Peter Santo

Titleist irons have been the most popular sets on the PGA Tour for years now as the brand’s irons have been the most popular model on Tour for the past seven seasons.

Titleist is starting the first stage of its launch process by beginning Tour seeding this week at the Travelers Championship. Players will be testing the irons extensively early in the week and some will likely put them in play on Thursday.

The new T-100, T-100S, and U505 keep the same name from the first edition of the T-series irons in 2019. The T-100 irons replaced the brand’s extremely popular AP2 irons. Most players transitioned seamlessly from AP2s to T-100s and the latter had plenty of success on Tour.

Titleist did not release any specific details on the clubs, but the irons seem to have undergone some significant cosmetic changes from the previous model.

Titleist did not release any specific details, so we have only pictures to go on for now.

Driving irons are some of the most popular clubs on the PGA Tour, as Tour players often prefer to use longer irons over higher-launching hybrids unlike most recreational golfers. The U505 is the latest utility offering from Titleist.

The model is expected to sit in between the brand’s U500 and U510 utilities and give players even more versatility at the top end of the bag.

The T200 irons have also gotten an update, but they are unlikely to see much play on Tour outside of potentially the long irons for players who don’t love utility clubs. The clubs will likely appeal to lots of weekend warriors as a new entry into the Players-Distance space.

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