Catching up with David Feherty

Catching up with David Feherty

David Feherty has sat down to chat with a veritable who’s who of celebrities, politicians and athletes, including Bill Clinton, Rudy Giuliani, Jack Nicklaus, Donald Trump, Samuel L. Jackson, Graeme McDowell and Keegan Bradley.

I had the chance to connect with the author, correspondent, host of Feherty on the Golf Channel, and former European and PGA Tour pro recently as he was making the rounds discussing his new relationship with Hyundai.

Buckle up and enjoy my Q&A with the incomparable David Feherty.

JL: Talk about your new relationship with Hyundai and how that all came about?

DF: Well, I just finished shooting some commercials with them in L.A. that will appear on my show on Feb. 1. I like doing that sort of thing so that was a lot of fun for me. You’ll see me providing some driving tips in these ads and I’ll be acting as a golf ambassador of sorts for them.

JL: Did you score some news wheels as part of your deal?

DF: Funny enough I had bought one before actually. I had just purchased it before the deal even came about, then they approached me about it and before I knew it the deal was done, so talk about good timing.

JL: What do you enjoy most: a one-on-one interview or walking the course commentating during a live event?

DF: One-on-one interview easily. It is more of an intellectual challenge than stumbling around players and occasionally farting. Definitely one-on-one!

JL: Who has been your toughest interview?

DF: (Seinfeld co-creator and "Curb Your Enthusiasm" star) Larry David because his mind works the same way that mine does. It was like head butting a mirror.

JL: Who is one personality you would love to sit down to chat with but haven’t yet?

DF: Bill Murray

JL: I know you’ve said that due to your cycling accident you aren’t able to play any longer. What do you miss most about playing? Any chance of therapy or time allowing you to gain your strength back in your left arm?

DF: My left arm is done. It’s too badly separated and no nerve is left in my forearm. And I don’t miss anything about playing golf. It looks much too difficult now.

JL: Give us a couple of dark horses on the PGA Tour this season. Who is going to come out and surprise everyone?

DF: Patrick Reed who won at the Hyundai Tournament of Champions should be incredible to watch; Harris English and Gary Woodland as well.

JL: Does Tiger win a major this year? Do you see him returning to form and challenging some of the young guns?

DF: I would never underestimate Tiger. Does he win a major? Who knows. But to doubt Tiger being able to win one would be a shame. He certainly can, and I wouldn’t doubt that he can contend with not just the young guns but the vets as well, and I’m looking forward to seeing him play this year.

JL: You have been very vocal about your pride for being an American and in your support for our Armed Forces. Talk a bit about how your life experiences have generated this passion in you.

DF: No question that some of us take this country for granted. Hell, most of the rest of the world you can’t even get ice. Growing up in an urban warfare environment (Northern Ireland), I have a keener appreciation for what our Armed Forces do. There are four reasons why this country is great and they are, in no particular order, soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines.

JL: Who is joining you in your dream foursome and where are you playing?

DF: It would be at St. Andrews. I would play with my dad, Thomas Jefferson and Annika Sorenstam.

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