The Tiger Woods "Big Dog" meme: Where is it from, how did it get started and how to use it
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The Tiger Woods “Big Dog” meme: Where is it from, how did it get started and how to use it


Tiger Woods has been the subject of a wide variety of GIFs and memes over the years, with most of them being drawn from his dominant career. But there may be no more viral of a golf meme at the moment than the Tiger Woods "Big Dog" meme.

Where did the meme come from?

It popped up out of nowhere, when Woods was competing in the 2023 PNC Championship in Florida. Tiger Woods was playing in a two-player scramble tournament with his son, Charlie, who is now in high school.

In the tournament, played at the Ritz-Carlton Golf Club, both Tiger and Charlie Woods had their own caddies. For Tiger, the caddie choice was easy, and he went with his oldest child, his daughter Sam Woods. Charlie, though, selected a friend of his to carry the bag for the 36-hole tournament.

Before one of the tournament rounds started, all of the players and caddies in the grouping were standing on the tee. When Woods noticed Charlie's caddie, he came over to say hi to him and greet him. Instead of just referring to him by his name or some other common greeting, Woods chose to call the guy "Big Dog" as he dapped him up on the first tee. Then the PGA Tour put out a video of that moment, complete with helpful captioning that perfectly framed the moment.

How did the meme get started?

It was then and there that No Laying Up realized they had a perfect meme on their hands and shared it with the world.

Quickly thereafter, it took on a life of its own, with people from all walks of life posting on social media using that picture.

How are people using the Big Dog meme?

The original thought from No Laying Up was to use the picture to describe a situation where you're greeting someone whose name you should know but that you forget. Some people have used it as a way of describing another awkward social situation where someone is being helpful or communicative. Some folks have used it to describe a situation where they want to hide their feelings or say thanks.

Really, it's a meme, so you can use it however you see fit. But it's always funny.

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