LIV Golf player caught peeing on a cactus just off camera in Tucson
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LIV Golf player caught peeing on a cactus just off camera in Tucson

A photo of golfer Sergio Garcia

Look, golfers pee on the golf course. Nature calls, even when we're playing golf. For many men playing golf, they're comfortable ducking into the woods or near a bush, or really anywhere somewhat out of sight, and relieving themselves. It may not be the most dignified thing, but when you gotta go, you gotta go.

And that brings us to LIV Golf's Tucson event on Saturday. Scott Vincent was getting ready to tee off on his group's 10th hole of the day in the second round of the 54-hole event, when he backs off to get set again.

While the back off and reset is happening, one of Vincent's playing partners runs across the tee box behind him and heads over toward the plant life to the left of the tee box, and then he turns away from the camera for an extended period of time in the peeing pose. (Most golfers know that pose.) Someone with an eagle eye caught it on The CW and shared it on Twitter.

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Based on the tee sheet for that day, it can only either be Sergio Garcia or Cameron Tringale that didn't go quite far enough to get out of the range of the stationary camera on the tee box. A quick look at Getty Images for that day confirms it is Garcia.

This isn't even close to the worst thing Sergio Garcia has ever done on a golf course. From spitting in cups to having a temper tantrum in a bunker to destroying tee boxes to throwing clubs at his caddie, Garcia has behaved much worse while competing. Peeing in the greenery isn't bad. But where is the nearest Port-A-Potty?

Anyhow, Danny Lee wound up winning on Sunday in a four-man playoff for his first win anywhere since 2015. Garcia's team, the Fireballs, won the team competition.


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