How to speed up your round by driving a golf cart to play golf
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How to speed up your round by driving a golf cart to play golf

Lots of golfers love to take a golf cart when they play golf. Maybe they don't want to or are unable to walk the whole course. Maybe they want the use the storage space for a speaker, their phone, some beverages and like. Maybe they think taking a golf cart will be faster than walking.

When used properly, golf carts can help speed up a golf round. However, golf carts don't automatically make golfers take less time on the course.

There are some key things that the driver (and passenger) of a golf cart have to do to get the most efficiency out of using a golf cart.

How to speed up your round by driving a golf cart to play golf

The driver should drop off their passenger at their golf ball first: This is a huge one. The golf cart driver should drop off their passenger at their ball first. This will allow the passenger to get their club or clubs ready and go through the process of preparing for the next shot. At that point, the driver can then go over to their ball and start to do the same. Of course, the order could be switched up depending on some factors, including if the driver is farther away from the hole or if the group has agreed to play ready golf.

The driver should be driving on a direct line to a player's ball: There's no need to take the long way or zig-zag around the course. Just get to the golf ball, hit it and move on.

The driver should park the cart in a general area when looking for a golf ball: When going to a spot to look for a fellow player's ball, drive to an estimated area where you or the group thinks the ball is. Get out of the cart from there and look on foot. Coasting around in the cart is typically slower than walking and leads to excess time looking for the ball.

The driver and passenger should be willing to walk toward the green sometimes: The driver and passenger of the golf cart don't always have to ride together. In fact, it's often better and more efficient for one player to just walk to the green with a putter and/or wedge in hand. So long as one player can drive the cart to the green, you're good.

Both players should get multiple clubs to hit a shot if it's Cart Path Only: There's nothing worse than playing Cart Path Only golf, getting to your ball and finding out you brought the wrong club for the shot you need to hit. Grab several clubs from the cart and then walk to the ball. This will prevent walking back and forth and being frustrated.

Following these basic rules will help golfers get the most out of using a golf cart and save some time and convenience.

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