Golf Terms: What is the 19th hole in golf, and where is it located?
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Golf Terms: What is the 19th hole in golf, and where is it located?

When golfers play golf, they get to spend several hours -- if not a full day -- outside, playing nine or 18 holes on a golf course. However, there's another hole that golfers love to spend time at, and it's called the 19th hole.

What is the 19th hole in golf?

In golf, the 19th hole is a wink-wink term meaning the clubhouse bar (or any bar, for that matter). Playing the 19th hole means going to the bar for a beverage, and maybe some food, after the round.

While there are plenty of golfers who go to the golf course, play golf and then go home immediately after, there are lots of golfers who want a little cooldown after the round. Going to the 19th hole isn't just about drinking alcohol. It's about talking about the round, including the great shots, the funniest moments and settling the bets from the round.

Often times, the player who wins the most money from betting during a round of golf buys their playing partners a drink in appreciation for a great day together, competing with one another.

Other 19th holes

The 19th hole makes sense as a term because golf courses tend to have 18 holes on them. There aren't many people, if any, who say they're going to visit the 10th hole after a nine-hole round because that doesn't make any sense.

However, some golf courses and resorts have come up with clever names for the 19th hole. At some facilities with two golf courses, they refer to the 19th hole as the 37th hole because there are 36 holes on the property. Other places make those references to the number of golf holes they have on their property plus one.

No matter whether it's the 19th hole or another number hole, it's a great tradition for golfers to be able to spend time together after playing golf.

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