How many times has President Joe Biden played golf while in office?
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How many times has President Joe Biden played golf while in office?

President Joe Biden is a golfer, just like many American Commanders-in-Chief. The Delaware native plays out of Wilmington Country Club, and he's also a member at Fieldstone Golf Club.

How many times has Biden played golf as President of the United States? Since taking office on Jan. 20, 2021, Mr. Biden has played golf nine times since becoming President, and that's as of Sept. 21, 2021.

The cost of Biden's golf rounds to the American taxpayer varies by round and course, but it has totaled so far just in the thousands of dollars. The Secret Service has to spend money on third-party golf cart rentals when Biden plays, but he does not require Coast Guard protection because his home course is not near a large body of water.

At last check, Biden had a USGA handicap index under 7, but he has not played much since entering the Presidential campaign, so it may not be reflective of his skill.

We don't know if Biden will play golf every time he goes to his golf club, but the Biden Administration is expected to be transparent about this for pool reporters, who are assigned to follow the President's every move on behalf of media organizations and the American people.

The frequency with which Biden plays golf isn't really an issue -- just as it wasn't for former President Donald Trump. However, Donald Trump was particularly critical of how many rounds President Barack Obama played in office, and so now he looks somewhat hypocritical in retrospect.

All told, President Donald Trump played golf 308 times in four years as President. Trump spent nearly 21 percent of his days in office at one of his golf properties for some portion of the day.

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