Introducing Gear Effects, our new golf-equipment fitting and golf performance podcast
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Introducing Gear Effects, our new golf-equipment fitting and golf performance podcast

We're proud to unveil our new show, "Gear Effects," which is a new program focused on golf-equipment fitting, golf performance and where those two topics intersect.

The show is hosted by Golf News Net's Ryan Ballengee and Cool Clubs master fitter Pete Weber. From his studio in Atlanta, Pete goes into detail about his fitting work, how he fits golfers, what he looks for in a fitting and shares case-study examples from his business. From home in the D.C. metro area, Ryan plays the role of the curious golfer -- trying to learn more from Pete not only for his own game but also to help other golfers learn more about the fitting process and how it can impact their game.

"Gear Effects" is available as an audio podcast on Apple Podcasts and Spotify, and it's available as a video show on Golf News Net, GNN's TV apps for Roku, Apple TV and Amazon Fire TV, as well GNN's YouTube channel.

Episode 1

In our first episode, Pete talks about his fitting philosophy and the things he looks for from a golfer in a fitting. Pete and Ryan also talk about the benefits of fitting and discuss when and why a golfer should get fit.

Episode 2

In Ep. 2, Pete and Ryan go in-depth on a case study of a recent fitting Pete conducted in his studio. Using the example of a player using a poorly fit driver, Pete goes through the TrackMan numbers he uses as a fitter to get a gauge of a player's skill and how well their equipment fits. The guys dig in on the most important numbers the fitter sees.

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