How to prepare your clubs for trade-in at Golf Avenue
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How to prepare your clubs for trade-in at Golf Avenue

So, you've decided it's time to trade in some of your old golf clubs, but you want to make sure you get top dollar for them.

We're here to help. We've teamed up with our friends at Golf Avenue, the leader in trading in and trading up golf equipment, to help you prepare your golf clubs for trade-in.

Golf Avenue inspects every trade-in once it arrives at their warehouse to make sure the clubs are in acceptable shape and to grade them.

“A golf club is meant to be hit. Making sure that it’s ready to be hit again is our job. Each golf club we receive at our warehouse is thoroughly inspected, cleaned, and restored by professionals before listing online. We also snap and list individual pictures of every pre-played golf club, so customers know exactly what to expect when they purchase from Golf Avenue.”

To get your clubs ready for trade, first make sure your golf clubs meet certain minimum standards.

  • Your clubs can't rattle or be damaged with skymarks, dents or other significant flaws.
  • The loft and lie angle of the clubs can't be more than 3 degrees up or down from the original manufacturer’s specs.
  • The clubs can't be cut 2 inches or more short of the original manufacturer’s specs.

If any of your clubs fail one of these requirements, Golf Avenue will not accept them.

Also, an iron set must have 6-iron through pitching wedge in order to be considered a set for trade-in. They will otherwise be considered individual irons.

When you have your clubs ready to sell, go to Golf Avenue's website and create an account. You can use their valuation guide to find out how much your clubs are worth. If you decide to trade in your clubs, then you can print a pre-paid shipping label and schedule a pick-up from the location of your choice.

Once Golf Avenue has your clubs and is able to confirm their value, they'll give you the option to receive the cash value for your trade-in, or you can get a percent bonus if you choose to receive Golf Avenue credits. (The bonus credits must be used within six months of their receipt.)

Whether pocket the cash or replace those old clubs with new purchases from Golf Avenue, the process is quick, easy and can all be done from your home.

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