Who is the golfer in the Paramount Plus commercials and why is he in them?
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Who is the golfer in the Paramount Plus commercials and why is he in them?

If you've been watching TV at all in recent weeks, you've no doubt seen a commercial for Paramount Plus, a new streaming service from Viacom that includes content from CBS, MTV, Comedy Central and other brands/channels the company owns.

If you've seen any of the Paramount Plus commercials, you've no doubt seen a golfer in them. He's trudging up and down mountains, talking to Patrick Stewart (the "Star Trek" franchise is part of this) or amputating a puppet's frozen arm by smashing it with a driver.

You're probably wondering who the golfer is in the Paramount Plus commercials, much less why he's in them.

The golfer in the Paramount Plus commercials is Bryson DeChambeau. Bryson DeChambeau plays golf on the PGA Tour, and he won his first major championship in September 2020 at the US Open at Winged Foot Golf Club in New York. He's also won six other times on the PGA Tour in his brief career.

DeChambeau is in the Paramount Plus commercials because CBS Sports has rights to air the PGA Tour, which is the biggest professional golf tour in the world. He represents the sports that will be available to Paramount Plus subscribers.

DeChambeau has become one of the faces of the PGA Tour in the last several years. At first, he was a quirky curiosity, as he plays with clubs that are unique compared to his peers, with all of his irons being the same length. He's also sought to quantify golf and use that to develop his swing and strategy on the course.

Then in 2019, he began bulking up with the intention of becoming a more powerful golfer who could hit the ball the farthest with every club in the bag. He furthered that experiment while the PGA Tour took a three-month break in 2020, coming back with even more bulk. His methods proved effective, winning twice in 2020, including the US Open title.

He will continue to be a recognizable face, including in the Paramount Plus commercials.

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