Georgia golf course using innovative cup-lift system to keep golfers safe
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Georgia golf course using innovative cup-lift system to keep golfers safe

A Georgia golf course introduced thousands of golfers to an ingenious product that could be part of the solution in helping keep golfers active right now, while simultaneously keeping them safe and still letting them sink putts as they normally would.

Cobblestone Golf Course, located just outside of Atlanta, is practicing proper precautions so golfers can play. They're removing shared surfaces, taking tee times and payments online, spacing out tee times and requiring golfers to keep their distance from each other.

They also are keeping the flagsticks in the cups, replacing their normal flags with the American flag as a gesture of patriotism. They can do that, confident golfers aren't taking the flagstick out of the hole. However, in the interest of preventing golfers from touching the cup or flagstick, Cobblestone has started using a product that's perfect for the moment.

The product, called Golf Ball EZ Lyft, is a system that attaches to any existing flagstick in just a few minutes of work. It's a simple product, really, with a cup layer that sits at the bottom of the cup, which is connected to a hooked piece of metal that's clasped to the flagstick. The golfer places their putter head under the hook and lifts. The cup layer lifts up, too, and the ball rolls off the layer once it's above ground.

It's a great idea that became viable when the USGA announced in 2019 that the new Rules of Golf would allow golfers to putt with the flagstick in the cup. Even when our current situation changes, golfers playing alone or with the flagstick in will love the convenience.

The product is sold in 3-, 9- and 18-packs, with an 18-pack coming in at just under $500.

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