How many holes-in-one has Tiger Woods made in his life?
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How many holes-in-one has Tiger Woods made in his life?

Tiger Woods is clearly one of the two greatest golfers ever to live. His accomplishments are mind-blowing, including 82 PGA Tour wins, with 15 major titles as part of that tally. He holds the PGA Tour record with 142 consecutive cuts made, and he has dozens of other records that are practically untouchable.

Tiger Woods has also amassed a pretty incredible tally of holes-in-one. Woods has made a lot of holes-in-one in his golf life, notching 20 total holes-in-one in his life.

However, just as amazing as so many of his golf stats, this Tiger Woods statistic about how many holes-in-one he's made -- and when -- is stunning.

Though Tiger Woods has made 20 holes-in-one in his life, he made 19 of those aces through the year 2000. Yes, 95 percent of Tiger Woods' holes-in-one happened before he turned 26 years old.

Woods has admitted this in recent memory, but he talked about it again during the Masters Rewind broadcast of his 2019 Masters win. Speaking with Jim Nantz, he explained he only has one hole-in-one since 2000.

The one and only hole-in-one Tiger Woods has made in the last 20 years -- twenty years! -- happened over Thanksgiving in 2018 when he was playing with Fred Couples. They were playing at Madison Club in La Quinta, Calif., when Woods holed a 5-iron from 210 yards. Woods' son, Charlie, was a witness, according to ESPN's contemporaneous report.

How many holes-in-one has Tiger Woods made on the PGA Tour?

In his PGA Tour career, Tiger Woods has made three aces. He made two in official PGA Tour events, including at the Greater Milwaukee Open in his professional debut ("Hello, world") in 1996. In the final round at Brown Deer Park Golf Course, Woods made an ace on the 14th hole. He hit a flush 6-iron to about 6 feet away from the cup, and then the ball took a few bounces before disappearing.

A year later, he made perhaps the most raucously celebrated hole-in-one in PGA Tour history when he made an ace on the par-3 16th hole at TPC Scottsdale in the 1997 Phoenix Open. With the hole playing 152 yards that day, Woods hit a 9-iron in the third round. It never left the flag, and the ball had two quick hops to make before going int he hole and sending the fans in Phoenix into a beer bottle-throwing tizzy. Woods raised the roof about a zillion times.

Woods also made an ace in the 1998 International, a former PGA Tour event played in Colorado under the modified Stableford scoring system. In the final round, Woods was charging against Vijay Singh when he made an ace on the fly on the 185-yard seventh hole with an 8-iron at Castle Pines Golf Club. However, the PGA Tour does not recognize that ace in their media records.

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