Golf fans are wondering if Phil Mickelson is taking CBD oil at the Masters
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Golf fans are wondering if Phil Mickelson is taking CBD oil at the Masters

Phil Mickelson is lurking at the Masters at nearly 49 years old, looking to become a four-time green jacket winner and the oldest major championship winner in golf history. He's always coming up with new things to try to stay young, powerful and a step ahead of the competition. That includes increasing his swing speed using Super Speed Golf, chewing gum during his round and, potentially, taking CBD oil.

On Friday at the 2019 Masters, a number of fans spotted Mickelson using a pipette to put a few drops of a liquid from a bottle into his mouth. He wasn't trying to flaunt he was doing it, perhaps because it looks a little strange to the casual observer. However, to fans who have used CBD oil or have seen others use it, they knew right away what they thought they saw.

Mickelson hasn't himself mentioned if he's using CBD oil. He typically shares these kinds of things, particularly if he has a financial stake in their well-being. However, he doesn't share all of his secrets.

What is CBD oil?

CBD is short for Cannabidiol, and it's a liquid extracted from the flowers and buds of marijuana that has become popular as marijuana has become legal for medical or recreational purposes across more of the United States. At the moment, some 30 states have legalized CBD oil as a result of legalizing some form of marijuana possession or use. Another 17 states have specific laws around CBD oil.

What are the benefits of CBD oil?

Promoters of CBD oil say using the oil -- either orally or as a cream to wipe on the body -- helps with anxiety, pain and other health problems, all while not containing the chemical tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which triggers the high users get from smoking marijuana.

However, CBD oil is not regulated by the federal government, which still considers marijuana a controlled and illegal substance despite states' actions. (And the feds' laws supersede state law, but enforcement is another issue altogether.) That means CBD oil can vary wildly from one manufacturer to the next, and it could be dangerous for the end user. Most CBD oil doesn't have as much CBD as promised on the bottle, and some contains THC anyhow.

There is some evidence to suggest CBD oil can help with epilepsy, but there isn't a wide breadth of scientific research for its other supposed benefits. It may help with anxiety or prove to be an anti-inflammatory aid, which would help Mickelson who deals with arthritis.

It's also said CBD oil isn't absorbed well by the body when taken orally. Only 20 percent of the drug is ingested when taken orally, so Mickelson dropping CBD wouldn't be as effective as rubbing on a cream.

Is CBD oil a performance-enhancing drug (PED)?

Under the PGA Tour Anti-Doping Program, CBD oil is not considered a performance-enhancing drug or substance. The World Anti-Doping Agency, upon which the Tour models its program, removed CBD oil from its banned substance list in September 2017.

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