Loudmouth Golf unveils 12 new prints, just in time for golf season

Loudmouth Golf unveils 12 new prints, just in time for golf season

Golf season is here, and that means it's time to start thinking about what you're going to be wearing on the golf course in 2018.

Just in time for golf season, Loudmouth Golf has unveiled a dozen new prints available in their shorts, pants, skorts and bottoms. These prints will roll out over the course of April, May and June.

Here's how Loudmouth describes each print (moving from the first image to the third, from left to right in each):

  • Swilcan Burn: Way back in the beginning, Loudmouth Founder & Designer, Woody found fabric covered in golf objects. They were always best sellers. Now he designs his own. If there were a definition in the dictionary for golf pants, literally this would appear.
  • Ace: Do you have a hole-in-one? Or ten?! These pants are for you. The official hole-in-one club pant.
  • Razzberry Swirl: Does anyone else wonder why bright blue popsicles were “raspberry” flavored? This pattern evokes psychedelic sherbet swirls of mango and blue raspberry.
  • Strokes: The perfect blend of fine art and fashion in a classy golf, or yacht pant.
  • Baffing Spoon: A tropical color palette of antique Hawaiian art representing golf with vintage clubs, balls and flagsticks. Fun fact! A Baffing Spoon is equivalent to a 7 wood, and sometimes called a “Baffy.”
  • Skull Garden: Skulls have been one of Loudmouth’s most popular patterns! This is a new colorway that makes a fashionable statement. Wear these to channel your favorite rock album cover.
  • 19th Hole (available May): Some Loudmouth designs have been banned at some private clubs! This pattern is classy, loud and country club approved! And who doesn’t love the 19th Hole?
  • Woodystock (available May): The hippies of 1969 were much different than the millennial hippie. This rainbow bright, tie-dye, pattern complete with peace signs was made for the latter. If you can remember it, you weren’t there.
  • Waikiki (available May): Just like its namesake, our 2018 pin-up girl design is hot! This time we did a throwback to vintage Hawaii. Always a highly-anticipated release.
  • Hotel Lobby (available June): Who hasn’t walked into a fancy hotel lobby and thought, “Wow, I really want to wear this carpet pattern on my pants?” Boom! You’re welcome. Bonus: Paisley is known to hide stains… Less washing, more wearing!
  • Frankfurter (available June): Anyone hungry? How can you not love hot dogs on pants? Snakes on a train, hot dogs on pants. We don’t follow trends, we start them.
  • Jungle Bogey (available June): If a dance party broke out in the jungle, you’d be appropriately dressed. Featuring psychedelic colors, and tiger stripes. This one is fierce.

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