Are you allowed to bring your dog to the golf course?
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Are you allowed to bring your dog to the golf course?

The golf course seems like it might be a great place to bring your dog. After all, a golf course is basically a huge park with balls flying all over it. So, do golf courses allow golfers to bring dogs?

The answer is: It depends. Not every golf course wants the liability of having a dog on the golf course. Imagine if a dog got loose and bit or attacked another golfer. Maybe the dog gets loose and it struck and hurt or killed by a golf cart or a car. Maybe the dog gets loose and gets lost. Some golf courses just don't want to deal with that.

However, there are a number of golf courses that are dog friendly and welcome them with open arms. These golf courses want you to bring your dog with leash in hand. When you're on the course and walking, you'll have your bag over your shoulder (or a walking cart) and the leash in your hand. A lot of people who have stand bags simply put the hand loop for the leash under one of the stand legs so the dog can lay down or at least be comfortable as they're working on their shot.

A lot of golf course superintendents bring their dog to work. They might help them chase away animals, or they can just be there as companions. These golf courses are typically dog-friendly, though these superintendent dogs typically ride in a cart much of the day.

Your best bet is to call ahead to a golf course before you bring your dog. If they give the OK, then bring Fido.

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