What's on the menu for Danny Willett's 2017 Masters Champions Dinner?

What’s on the menu for Danny Willett’s 2017 Masters Champions Dinner?

Danny Willett has shared menu for the 2017 Masters Champions Dinner, and the defending Masters champion is the guest of honor for the first time on the Tuesday tradition.

The menu begins with mini cottage pies as an appetizer, followed by what's dubbed a "Sunday Roast" main course of prime rib, roasted potatoes and vegetables, Yorkshire pudding and gravy.

The dessert is an apple crumble with vanilla custard.

Coffee and Yorkshire tea will be served after the meal along with English biscuits and cheese. As for wines during the meal, Willett went with a 2012 Chardonnay and a 2012 Cabernet Savignon from Napa Valley, Calif.

The Masters Champion Dinner is a tradition that invites all living Masters champions for a special Tuesday dinner to eat before the tournament, tell stories and have an opportunity to hear from the Masters winners past and present.