Real or fake? LPGA pro knocks down bowling pins for strike with driver, golf ball
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Real or fake? LPGA pro knocks down bowling pins for strike with driver, golf ball

Korean LPGA pro Minju Kim has turned a lot of heads -- and has a lot of people scratching their heads -- with a video of her bowling a strike by hitting a golf ball with her driver down the alley. In two shots filmed with Fila, which owns Titleist-parent Acushnet, Kim knocks down all 10 pins, then she knocks down nine with her second attempt.

So, is this video real or fake?

We took a look at this frame by frame to see if we could follow a golf ball all the way down the lane, and we could do that.

However, even if you can do that, that doesn't necessarily make the video real. Many viral videos have been shot with the help of a green screen and stock video melded together using video-editing technology. As proof, the Fila folks included a look at a golf ball shot down the lane to pick up a spare and how the ball would move around in the pins at the end of a lane.

There are other red flags. First, someone is actually bowling on one of the other lanes. That person would have to be insane to be bowling, not knowing how well Kim would do at even getting the ball down to the pins and not ricocheting off somewhere else.

Then there's the shakiness of the camera at impact. Of course, someone shooting it on one camera would want to show the swing and the ball hitting the pins. But the shot is particularly shaky, which it typical of fake viral videos. Ideally, there would have been two cameras: one to show the swing, one to show impact down-lane.

So, is it real or fake?

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