Why did @secrettourpro delete their account? What's his identity?
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Why did @secrettourpro delete their account? What’s his identity?

It appears the Twitter account known as Secret Tour Pro (@secrettourpro) has been deleted -- or, at a minimum, temporarily suspended.

This comes on the heels of an announcement of a forthcoming series of revelations about the true identity of the Secret Tour Pro. That announcement, not incidentally, was first made on the website secrettourpro.com, which was purchased by a STP follower at the behest of the person behind that account. The people who will reveal STP's true identity -- and we're going to give them the runway to do that because they deserve it -- have worked with, collaborated with and, in some cases, actually met the person behind this account.

Who is the Secret Tour Pro? It's not a tour pro, but rather a Brit named Michael Double (also known as Michael Scott), who has previously worked for RyanAir and, according to his LinkedIn profile, has run social media accounts for touring pros on a freelance basis.

Double went onto Swingcast on Twitch on March 24, explaining himself somewhat, including saying that the information (often erroneous) he tweeted was information he acquired from his pro clients.

As more info is shared, we'll help bring some of the pieces together. In the meantime, you can catch up on how the Secret Tour Pro worked so hard to maintain an untruthful identity in our 2016 piece on him.

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